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Wadowice - located in Southern Poland. It's the birthplace of Pope John Paul II.
Kielce - located in Central Poland. The city is located in the middle of the Holy Cross Mountains (Swietokrzyskie Mountains). It is the site of the infamous post WWII anti-semitic pogrom known as the Kielce pogrom.
Tatra Mountains - aka. Tatry. These mountains form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. They are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains though considerably smaller than the Alps.
Wilanow - located in Warsaw. It is the home of the historic Wilanow Palace, aka "The Polish Versailles." Is it the second home to the other Polish kings.
Royal Castle - aka. Zamek Krolewski. It is located in Warsaw in Plac Zamkowy. It is the royal palace and the official residence of the Polish Monarchs.
From lef to right: Bronze statue of the late Pope John Paul II in Wadowice; plaza in Kielce; Tatra Mountains; Wilanow; Royal Castle; car in Kluczbork, Poland.
Fiat 126 - It's a city car produced in 1972. Most of these cars were produced in Poland as the Fiat 126p. It's a very small 2-door sedan.